Katherine A Mohr # 021 Violin Bow


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Esteemed bow maker Katherine A. Mohr presents us with another winner. Designed by the Katherine, this stylish, round-section pernambuco bow combines great looks and even better performance. Mounted in sterling silver and featuring an ebony frog with an abalone slide and eyes, the bow also has nice touches such as a three-piece adjuster with discreet bevels and tip armor (tip armor is a polymer composite that is stronger than ivory or bone, lighter than silver, and will not crack or break like plastic).
Beautifully balanced and very pleasing to play, the advanced player will treasure this bow.

Stamped Katherine A. Mohr on the player side.
Stamped Katherine A. Mohr under the winding.
Stamped 021 under the frog next to the mortise.

Weight fully haired 59.7 grams.