Johannes Rubner Cello, Germany – SOLD AUGUST 15, 2023 –


GEWA Rubner cellos are entirely hand-made in the GEWA master workshop by the head of the Rubner Shop Marko Ackert. The Rubner name goes back even to the early 1920’s as an instrument making company producing both high quality cellos and basses. They were a private family owned company up until 1942. After WWII the Rubner business was taken over by the East German government. The instruments from that time up to now were merely pressed into shape and the quality was lost. These cellos are conceptually a revival of what the Rubner instruments were well known for in early Markneukirchen. The specs on the cello are not identical to the 1949-2000 East German instruments. The plate thickness, slightly deeper ribs and strong arching have been changed to improve the sound. The tone wood for the Rubner line is hand selected within the already sorted pile of the best grade wood. The set up is completed here at J.R. Judd Violins where we use a 200 year-old maple Despiau Grade B bridge blank, all hand cut and all ebony fittings. The instruments are hand varnished, 100% hand rubbed and hand polished in the GEWA shop. These cellos are available in a dark or light varnish.

The sound is full and clear and has excellent projection. It is balanced across all four strings with plenty of strength on the lower strings. The tone is slightly refined producing a truly classical and noble quality. This is a genuine concert instrument perfect for the chamber musician as well as an orchestral player.

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