Janos Bodor 16 1/8″ Viola – SOLD FEBRUARY 8, 2023 –


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Handmade viola by Janos Bodor with label that reads:

personal model made by
Janos Bodor
Luthier, Churchville, Pa 2021

This contemporary viola was made by the Hungarian born maker Janos Bodor. His family came to America in 1956 where Janos started making violins under his father’ direction. Janos Bodor (the father) began work in 1957 at Moennig & Son Violin Makers, Philadelphia. By 1966 Jonas also started working at the Moennig shop. This 16” viola has a particular nice piece of flamed maple and a two-piece spruce top with perfect straight grain. The carving and lines of the viola are crisp and clean even the ribs are slight wider to add to the individualistic shape. Janos has also achieved beauty without antiquing the instrument or varnish.

The viola is in excellent condition and sounds great now. As it is played in for a few years it should only open up more and draw you into its sound. The response off the strings is noticed right away and it does not sacrifice power. Its overall character is clear, yet woody, being very articulate in the middle of its register too. The harmonics are evident throughout the voicing and the sound is full and round even at the top of the fingerboard.