J.A. Baader, Mittenwald 1917 Higher Grade Trade Violin


Bears the label:

Koniglich Bayer. Hof-Instrumtenmacher
J.A. Baader
in Mittenwald a/Isar, Bayern
Gegrundet 1790 1917.

This J.A. Baader is a high grade trade instrument made in Mittenwald. The quality of its blocking and lining work inside the instrument is very clean and well done, as well as the corners and wood choices. The better skilled craftsmen at this firm made this violin and selected the choice woods used. The oil varnish is sweet with just a few touches of playing wear on the back and top plate to show it has been loved and played. The varnish is orange/brown on a golden ground.

The violin has a powerful sound throughout. The bottom end being rich but also warm and inviting. The treble complements the bottom end by a slightly brighter sound which carries well also in the higher positions. The instrument speaks well even playing at (ppp). The instrument has a quick response and feels great to play. This is a charming instrument worth taking a look at in excellent condition.

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