Horst Schicker Violin Bow Baiersdorf, Germany circa 1977-1982


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GERMANY on the butt of the stick behind the frog

Master bow maker Horst Schicker (1944- ) grew up in Bohemia near the Czech Republic. He learned the craft of bow making between 1958 and 1961 from Emil Kuhnel in Bubenreuth, Germany staying there to work there after having completed his training. After WW II he left his many years as a maker with Emil Kuhnel in Bubenreuth and passed his guild exams in Nürnberg, Germany and in 1971 opened his own shop in Tennenlohe, near Erlangen. In 1977 he moved to Baiersdorf. He primarily makes new bows for all bowed string instruments and he also restores and repairs bows. The shop still exists there today, and his daughter Michaela Schicker, who joined him in the firm in 1987, runs the shop. Horst made at least 15 levels of violin bows. This bow we have is a model #12. Parisian eye, sterling silver mounts in ebony, pernambuco specie, and octagonal section. The end screw is three-piece silver and ebony, and the first ring has a double groove cut in the collar. The bow is well balanced and I really like the playability of the bow.

Weight fully haired 62.2 grams