Hiroshi Kono 16.5” Viola, Tokyo 2023 – Big Sound! – SOLD SEPTEMBER 14, 2023


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We have a finely crafted viola from Japan. The instrument has moderate arching in the Stradivarius style which helps project a massive powerful viola sound. The top plate is of medium-width grain spruce and the back plate is one-piece maple with a medium-width flame that is very straight across the quarter. The woods are beautiful, and the instrument is slightly distressed to give an older feel to the instrument. The viola is light in weight which is an added plus for the player. The varnish is slightly antiqued and shaded in a deep golden orange/brown on a golden ground. We set up the viola here in our shop with ebony fittings, soundpost, French bridge, and a set of Pirastro Obligato viola strings with a Larsen A. Joshua Bell, the famous violinist, has many students purchase Kono instruments because of the quality, depth of sound and excellent responsiveness. These instruments are perfect for the up-and-coming serious player looking for the next level in sound and performance. This is a new instrument in perfect condition.

Corpus 421.0 mm., Major Width 253.0 mm., Minor Width 200.0 mm., Rib Height 38.0 mm.

Vibrating String Length 372.5 mm.

The sound of the Kono viola is large and in charge. It is a wow in my book. This powerful sound is throughout the entire voicing and registrar. The C & G strings have a mature sound which I like very much, but they also have an edginess to their tone which adds greatly to the overtones of the viola. The A & D strings sound has power too with a little brilliance. A player will fall in love with this sound and will be captured by the instrument’s presence and performance.

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