* Herbert Wanka * Silver Special Model – SOLD MARCH 16, 2023 –


Dark chocolate Pernambuco specie, round section. Sterling silver mount, ivory tip, Parisian eye frog, Three-piece sterling silver multi-faceted end screw, with ebony, mother of pearl, and silver. Wanka W24B bow, made in the 1990's.

Weight fully haired 70.8 grams.

Herbert Wanka
Born 1938 in Bubenreuth, Germany. He studied bow making under the direction of Emanuel Schuster. He is stylistically influenced by Schuster as well as the classical French Models of Sartory and Lamy, he makes his bows after his personal model ideal, which he has basically never changed over the years. Wanka’s 50 year career in bow making has placed him at the top of the German bow trade. The high acceptance of his bows by musicians in Germany and abroad reflects the valuation of his work. Wanka continues to make one-of-a-kind bows with enthusiasm and passion that’s not always found in today’s culture. This viola bow that we are offering at this time would is an excellent choice for a serious player or professional violist.