Heinz Dölling Silver Mounted Violin Bow circa 1950


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Heinz Dölling ***

Heinz Dölling (1913 – ?) learned bow making in the workshop of Otto Dölling, his father. After finishing his apprenticeship, he continued to work in his parents’ shop. He completed his master’s examination in Markneukirchen in 1947 and set up his own workshop in Wernitzgrün, Saxony. In 1965 Heinz Dölling moved his workshop about two miles away to the nearby town of Erlbach, Germany. In 1998 the Dölling family celebrated their 100th anniversary of bow making. Currently, the family is in the 4th generation of makers with Michael Dölling carrying on the family tradition.
The socialist GDR county was not favorable for independent craftsman, and as a result of this, Heinz Dölling, as a smart businessman and entrepreneur, developed a great business model in mostly selling his handmade bows to the West. He established himself as an internationally renowned bow maker. In 1969 Heinz was awarded a gold medal for his violin bow at the Luttich trade fair. His bows clearly follow the working traditions of high-quality German bow work while also showing his own personalized style.

The bow was crafted about 1950 and is dark chocolate pernambuco, round in section, and has sterling silver mounts. The stick is choice wood and the bow is in original condition. The bow is in very good condition. The ebony frog is blind eye and the Dölling insignia is on the players side of the frog. This is a fine professional player’s bow.

Weight fully haired 63.0 grams.