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Branded inside the violin on back plate:


Heinrich Hermann Todt, violin maker, was born in 1862 and died in 1929 Markneukirchen, Germany. As a young man Todt trained in his hometown of Markneukirchen and then worked for C. Ficker, an important maker in Budapest, Hungary, before returning home and establishing his own shop in 1900. This violin is a fine example of a violin from the Golden Period of German violinmaking. German violin making can be traced to the history of Germany itself. They had wood and artisans. The entire country was literally a forest. Germany had a great economic boom during the 19th century due to the influence of outside countries, violin guilds, demands for high standards, trade routes out of their country to the West, and the vast access to natural resources. These factors helped make this particular region of Germany, Markneukirchen, the hub of violin making. Markneukirchen was also known as the “Deutsch-Cremona” (German-Cremona), a phrase coined by famous maker Ludwig Glasel Jr. (1842-1931). Glasel, like Hermann Todt, grew up in this town and had a great sense of regional pride and a healthy spirit of self-confidence in the quality of what they made. They made fine sounding instruments at an affordable price that they inherently knew would sell all around the world. This guild of makers followed through on what they dreamed!

Our Strad model is of a grander pattern which helps deliver a superior sound. The violin is branded and is truly a fine violin of this Golden Age. The condition is very good and there are no issues of note. We have restored the treble side top plate, restoring with fine cleat work two areas of the top plate. There are some small marks in the varnish and a bit of normal playing wear that adds to the instrument’s charm. This violin has a gorgeous one-piece back that is a knockout. The maple back has a deep medium-width flame and it descends from right to left. The ribs, neck, and scroll match in flame. The spruce top has a very even tight-width grain throughout the entire table. We have completely gone over the violin and added new fittings and yes, restored the top plate.

Corpus 358.0 mm. Major Width 210.0 mm. Minor Width 168.5 mm. Rib Height 30.0 mm

The sound is alive and beautifully responsive. The responsiveness is quick and the sound jumps! The G & D strings have a very nice edginess which enhances the overtones. The instrument has some guts off the bottom strings as well. Did I say this violin has strength? It lacks nothing on the higher end too. The strength and sustain on the treble side is for real and does not hold back. With a little weight in my bowing arm I could feel the fullness of the drive and soak in the richness of the violin. This violin leans a little to the darker side but has plenty of brilliance. As a player you will love the playability and ease that this instrument puts out. The sound is gorgeous and full of old-world character – not new or bright sounding tone. This violin is looking for a serious player.

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