Guarneri Pattern Czech Trade Violin, Circa 1930


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Label reads:

Josef Guarnerius
Made in Czecho-Slovakia

We have a well-preserved Czechoslovakian trade violin made in the Guarneri style. The instrument has been carefully restored and is free of any serious wear but has just enough wear to testify to the age of the instrument and develop a gorgeous patina in the varnish. The violin is in good condition, with no issues, and has a two-piece flamed maple back, ribs, neck, and scroll. The sound holes are the traditional more vertical, slightly elongated Guarneri style sound holes, and the instrument has been finished in ebony fittings. The varnish is a beautiful transparent golden orange with a touch of brown all on a golden base coat.

Corpus 358.0 mm., Major Width 206.0 mm., Minor Width 166.0 mm., Rib Height 30.0 mm.

Thinking of a more expensive violin? A player should not pass up trying this instrument. This violin could also be a great instrument for a fiddler! The slightly long body adds to the strength of the sound. The tone is full and resonant. The harmonic overtones ring and I like the response off the strings with a slightly heavier bow; 61.7 – 62.0 grams. The violin has a darker, slightly covered bottom on the G & D strings and the treble side pumps out sound just as well. This violin has a nice mix: age, European construction, beautiful look, and a nice sound. The violin is excellent for the player moving into nicer instruments progressing beyond the beginner levels.

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