Giovanni Longiaru Violin 1922


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VENICE – NEW YORK (Signed under the Cities)
A.D. 1922 No. 120

We have a very fine violin by Giovanni Longiaru. The label is signed and is authentic to the maker. Longiaru (1886-1970) and was born in Pozzale, Italy, near Pieve di Cadore, just north of Venice. He trained as a wood carver and was doing sculpture in Venice before he learned violin making in Cremona. As a young man he studied violin at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Venice, and he later become curator of the instruments housed at the Conservatory. While in Venice he bought and sold imported instruments and many fine Italian Cremonese instruments. In 1904 he immigrated to the United States and worked as a fine restorer of instruments for Cremonese violin maker Giugliamo V. Pozzoni of Brooklyn, and eventually went beyond his teacher to become the repairman and restorer of choice to the New York professional orchestral players and famous soloists such as Ysaye and Sarasate. He was a successful luthier in the city where he perfected making copies of instruments and is credited with making 210 instruments of high quality. Our violin has been meticulously gone over in our workshop and is one of those instruments. The instrument is a gem with all new ebony fittings, Grade B Despiau bridge, bushed pegs, and a natural patina in the light orange-brown varnish that is stunning.

Corpus 357.0 mm – Major 208.0 mm – Minor 168.0 m – Ribs 30.0 mm

The sound is a Wow! Large, powerful bottom end that has guts. The G & D have sustain and the response off the strings is full of energy. It has a rich sound even as you travel up the fingerboard into higher positions. The treble side is just as lovely. Brilliant, clean, and strong. The instrument speaks and the tone on the upper strings rings. This is a real find. An American success story, who as a young man came from Italy to New York and became a fine luthier and sought-after restorer.

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