GEWA Prague Antique Model Cello


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This is one of GEWA’s signature cellos made in the Adorf workshop under the direction of master cello maker Marko Ackert. Marko is credited with the cello's design, overall wood selection, tolerances for carving the plates, ribs, interior blocks, lining, bass bar, neck projection, and varnish technique. The cello features all ebony fittings and includes a German Wittner tailpiece. The wood selection is fantastic, the neck and ribs are Bosnian sycamore maple while the top plate is of straight grain German spruce. This instrument is hand varnished and hand rubbed to give it an antiqued look. The varnish is distressed in areas that normally take many years of playing to produce that natural wear and patina. GEWA uses a highly flexible varnish all done by brush which allows the instruments to pump and speak better than an instrument with a heavy sprayed spirit varnish. The amber-brown color is simple but stunning on the clear slightly patina golden base coat. The final coat on this cello is rolled on to give a slight texture to the varnish. The company has survived World War II and has continued to strive for excellence in craftsmanship and quality since its establishment in 1925 by Georg Walter in Markneukirchen.

The Prague Antique sound is outstanding. It is smooth, powerful, and remarkably clear. It was easy to play on the treble strings and the G & C simply put out sound with not a lot of effort. The cellos’ response is nice and the overall tone is excellent for a German instrument in this price range. A great cello for the up and coming intermediate cellist.

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