German Violin Bow TOURTE Brand circa 1915


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TOURTE – large caps centered above frog on the player’s side.

This is an interesting bow perfect for the player looking for something different with no real makers name on the bow. I believe this was a bow made in a workshop in or around the town of Markneukirchen, Germany. The bow has fine pin work in the ornate endscrew centered in two different spots and two pins found in the lining that is the capture from the frog to the stick. The frog is inlayed ever so slightly into the stick which helps set this bow apart. The wood is a darker color, yes pernambuco older specie wood, nicely planned out and tapered from the head to the frog. The stick is not thick or unruly. The single pearl eyes are set into the rounded frog without the silver eye around the pearl. This helps to date the bow to earlier 20th century work. The half-lined frog and the small head help the bow’s overall weight to lean to the lighter side. The stick is balanced well, is active, and is slightly shorter by a few millimeters. It is round in section, with an ebony frog mounted in nickel silver. The original winding was “groty to the max” and discolored. The leathers were totally disintegrating and falling apart. We replaced these problems with new winding, leather lapping, and leather thumb grip. A player from another half century loved this stick and really took care of it. The bow has natural wear, nothing unusual and feels great in the hand. The bow may be a perfect fit for a serious fiddler or just a new axe for the empty spot in your case. Yes, something really different, older German workmanship, no known maker, but definitely nice.

Weight fully haired 56.0 grams.