German Non-Branded Early 20th Century Violin Bow


This is our sleeper bow for the month. Lightweight, excellent balance, beautiful workmanship; simply put this bow has it. The stick is not branded by any maker, nor stamped Germany anywhere. Just another great German bow that has been restored and put back in its original condition. This stick is round in section, pernambuco specie, and finished in sterling silver mounts. The ebony frog contains single, simple mother-of-pearl eyes along with a silver winding and leather grips. The bow plays better than well. I really like it! The featherlight weight feel in my hand, control, and the sound generated on new and older violins had me wondering if I should keep this stick for myself or put it out in the showroom. The stick could handle weightier passages as well as light articulations. The pernambuco is so fine in the grain- not a flaw or variance in the wood. As a player I’m always looking for that performance in a bow. This is it. With a maker’s name this bow would fetch a handsome amount, twice the asking price. It’s a must try for the serious violinist.

Weight fully haired 57.9 grams.

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