German Full Size Violin Bow Stamped “VORIN” ca. 1960 – SOLD OCTOBER 18, 2023 –


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This a great bow with strength and firmness. The bow restored here in our workshop and in good condition. It was made in Germany for the commercial trade and is of beautiful pernambuco wood and is octagonal in section. The stick is just oiled, not stained showing the natural beauty of the stick. The Parisian eye ebony frog is fully lined and mounted in nickel. The mother-of-pearl eyes are contained inside a 1.0 mm. ring of silver around the pearl eyes. The slide is gorgeous with flecks of pink, green, and blue. The bow is finished with nickel silver winding, a leather thumb grip, and a three-piece adjuster. This is a great playing stick, suitable for a player looking to get into a pernambuco bow at a very decent price.

Weight fully haired 60.1 grams.

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