F & R Enders Markneukirchen 1926 Stradivarius Model Violin – Fantastic Sound!


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F & R Enders ( (F & R E) insignia)
Specialists in Artistic Violin Making
Fecit Anno 1926

This is an excellent example of early 20th century Markneukirchen, Germany violinmaking. This violin was made for the F. & R. Enders firm. The firm was open from 1901- 1950 in Markneukirchen, and they sold instruments all over the world. Their violins were available at many different price points depending on the level of quality. Our Enders violin is of a higher grade. F. & R. Enders owned a shop but did not actually make instruments. He was a dealer in violins, purchasing and commissioning handmade violins from various makers to sell in his shop. Markneukirchen, being the hub of Germany’s violin making glory, made the procurement of many instruments easy. This violin has all the hall marks of a fine instrument: wood choice, overall weight of the violin, scroll work, and the arching – all well done. Paul Knorr, a very fine Markneukirchen maker, was known to supply the Enders shop with two of his handmade instruments per month. That is a lot of work. Our violin was made with much hand work and is in very good condition. The fittings are completed in rosewood, and we have strung the instrument with Thomastik Rondos.

Corpus 356.0 mm., Major Width 205.0 mm., Minor Width 166.0 mm., Rib Height 29.5 mm.

The sound jumps out and off this violin. The instrument has presence and resonates very well. The bottom end is rich and lush and does not hold back while the treble side is just as nice and is not just the supporting cast. The E and A strings ring with brilliance and the violin lays well in the hand. Everything is easy to play. This is an over-the-top nice violin with a sound that sings in all its registers. Yes, I love the sound and the workmanship had me turn my head to see what was being played from the other side of the workshop. The sound was excellent. This will made a great violin for the player ready to move up in a violin.