Eugen Meinel German Workshop Violin Bow circa 1930


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The Eugen Meinel stamp was a trade name associated with the Ernst Heinrich Roth firm of Markneukirchen, Germany. The Meinel name was used to avoid conflicts with the same type of bows imported to North America as well as sold in their homeland. The Roth firm was one of the most prominent German firms in the early 20th century and was known for their instruments as well. At a time when German makers used French and Italian names to sell their instruments and bows after World War I, the Roth firm operated with transparency in their business practices. This nickel mounted bow is branded on the player’s side and is a pernambuco specie stick, in round section. We have meticulously gone over the bow, giving the bow an older looking silk thread winding and leathers. The tip, frog, and endscrew are fully original. The winding is different to aid in keeping the overall gram weight down. The violin bow has good strength and is typical of this firm’s attention to detail and attests to the quality of pernambuco wood in their stockpile.

Weight fully haired 61.5 grams