Enrico Morelli – Violin Bow, Germany, circa 1910-1920


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We have a Karl Hermann German workshop violin bow. Stamped Enrico Morelli with GERMANY in all caps stamped on the bottom flat of the stick behind the frog. The bow was made pre–WW I in the Herrmann workshop. This shop was noted for their exceptional violin and bow work. The bow is octagonal section and pernambuco specie with sterling silver fittings. It has been fully restored with a new bone tip, original silver winding, and new leather thumb grip. The ebony frog is a blind eye – no pearl eyes and the slide is strikingly different, made with a stripe of mother of pearl 3.0 mm wide and inlaid with silver and ebony. The frog work is exceptional, and the mortise is crisp and clean; it was finished with fine chisel craftsmanship. The endscrew completes the bow and is three pieces, silver/ebony/silver. This is a strong bow, I would say firm, well balanced, and plays very well.

Weight fully haired 59.9 grams