Edward Herrmann Violin Bow


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The very highly regarded Herrmann bow making dynasty extended from 1760-1987 in the area of Germany known as the Vogtland region. Edwin was born in Schönlind (Saxony) in 1893. There are records of his bow making from 1919. In the early to mid-20th century, the bows of the Herrmann family, especially bows made by Albert, Edwin’s father, Edwin himself, and Edwin’s son Lothar, sold for the same prices as those of Sartory, Fetique, and Ouchard. Albert Herrmann, the father, learned his trade in the Knopf workshop and made fine bows until the age of 91. Our bow was made by Edwin (Otto) Herrmann, who lived from 1893-1972. This bow is stamped EDW. HERRMANN on the player side of the stick above the frog. Edwin made artistic bows in his family’s tradition. There are no cracks or damage on the bow and wood jumps in its figure. In short, it’s a very nice piece of pernambuco wood in octagonal section. The stick has figure especially visible in the head with a beautiful chocolate orange/brown color throughout. The ebony frog has two single 4.5 mm. mother-of-pearl eyes. The mother-of-pearl slide has hues of green, blue, and pink. The stick is firm and plays better than well, bringing out a little edge or guts in the sound.

Weight fully haired 61.6 grams.