Conrad Götz * Violin Bow, Sterling Silver, Germany, circa 1970


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This Götz one star is a great upper-level student bow. The bow shows signs of being played and natural wear on the frog. Everything is in good-to-great shape. The Götz shop survived two world wars and has been family owned for generations; the Götz Music Instrument Co. has been around since 1884. Located in the university town of Erlangen, Germany, the store is situated less than 40 miles from Bubenreuth, Germany one of the great instrument making towns of Europe. Conrad had many fine instruments and bows made in that small town that eventually made his name and music company known all over the world. This pernambuco violin bow was made in Bubenreuth and is mounted in sterling silver mount. The round section bow contains simple plain mother-of-pearl eyes and the brand Götz on the players side of the frog. The three-piece endscrew complete the bow with a traditional silver winding. This is a firm bow, a very good playing stick, and is waiting for the next generation to use it on their violin.

Weight fully haired 63.9 grams