C.C. Zeek, Markneukirchen Violin 1926


The Zeek Music House was located in Morristown, New Jersey circa 1905 – 1930. This violin is a well-made violin from Markneukirchen, Germany. The instrument would have been imported by C.C. Zeek as a white violin. He would have varnished the violin and sold the trade instrument as part of his collection. The workmanship on the instrument is at a very high level, consistent with good German violin making. It is evident in the arching in the plates, the corners, the Strad lines, and the scroll on the violin which is better than nice. We have restored one small fracture to the spruce top plate. It was on the right side of the saddle rising about two and a half inches. It is fully restored and now looks great. Other than that repair there are no structural issues. This instrument is in great shape ready for another 90 years.
Tonally, I fell in love with the violins darker voice and open powerful sound. Everything lays well on the violin and it’s fun to play. Actually, very easy to play. The word should be comfortable. The instrument has a good response and plenty of volume in all its registers. Mr. Judd tried out the violin playing some Vivaldi, Bach, Scottish jigs and reels as well as some hymn tunes. The great sound makes this a fine choice above almost any Asian market instrument. It would be a nice fit for the young solo minded player who likes a big sound and who wants and needs to be heard. Players who like the more traditional styles of playing will love this violin too thanks to its quick response and full lower strings.

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