Antonio Curatoli Violin – Markneukirchen 1906


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Antonio Curatoli
No 2068 Copy of Amati

This violin comes from one of the most famous violin making areas in Germany. This Curatoli violin is a great representation of the quality and workmanship found in Markneukirchen, which was the hub of instrument making for over three centuries. The Markneukirchen area produced bowed string instruments that were measured by the tonnage being shipped out on the rail lines. If you aspired to be a violin maker in Germany, you might have spent many years there learning your craft. The economics of Markneukirchen centered around instruments and bow making and grew stronger, beginning way back in the late 1700’s. Its geography in the rural mountains helped the area survive two World Wars.

This 1906 violin trade name sounds Italian, but it is all German. We have had Curatoli violins in the past to sell and they always sound great and are beautifully made. The violin is in excellent condition, having Amati modeling, antiqued oil varnish, and natural patina and playing wear. It is representative of a higher end violin made specifically in the early 20th Century for the West. The violin has a classic amber/brown varnish with many shaded darker areas on the ribs and plates. The varnish work is hand brushed and the patina is legit, which is a good sign to see. The instrument has a two-piece maple back that is highly flamed with matching ribs, neck, and scroll. We have given the violin a new set up and jazzed up the top by adding a rosewood tailpiece. The instrument has a classic look with no issues.

Corpus 358.5 mm., Major 212.0 mm., Minor 169.0mm., Rib Height 29.0 mm.

Thinking about a more expensive violin? A player should really give this Markneukirchen gem a try. The slightly elongated corpus of the violin adds to the power and drive of the sound. The sound is responsive, and the instrument has a little bit of zing. Yes, the instrument has ample power to impress other violins in your ensemble. In short, the violin has guts and projects well, while also being remarkably sweet. The E and A strings respond easily and are a pleasure to listen to. I love the meatiness of the G and D strings. The bass side has ample power to get your attention. The overall sound on this instrument is a knockout, being clean and articulate with depth of tone. The violin has been in my collection stored in an old case since my college years. Now, just completed this restored violin is ready for a new pair of hands to move the strings and create definite pitches. It should only get better in terms of sound with more playing. It has a great mix of age, intrigue in its look, beautiful arching, maturity of sound, and speaks very well. Can you tell I like this violin.