Anton Krutz – ¾ Size Gamba Carved Bass, 2004


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Label Reads:

Anton Krutz
fecit anno 2004

We have a gorgeous ¾ gamba-pattern bass hand-made by Anton Krutz. The label is hand signed. The instrument is fully carved with straight spruce top plate and a highly figured maple back plate and ribs. This bass has a playing string length of 41.5 inches. The bass has a Despiau bridge with our ebony bridge adjusters recently carved for the bass. The condition of this instrument is excellent, with no cracks or damage and only minimal wear to the varnish. The bass was first discovered and played on in Kansas City in the city’s Summer Opera performances by Dr. Jeffrey R. Jacobsen. Dr. Jacobsen purchased the bass after borrowing the instrument from the maker for the Kansas Opera Festival. The instrument has been used in various playing styles throughout its life. Jeff has played it in numerous ensembles and most recently as the Principal Bassist of the Millennium Orchestra. This bass has been his axe for all of his jazz gigs in clubs in the US and overseas since 2004. He has also made recordings on this instrument as an artist for Naxos and ERM. Dr. Jacobsen currently serves as professor at Mansfield University, bass teacher, and orchestra director. Anton Krutz’s carved basses newly made today start at 30K. This bass is priced to sell and is perfect for the serious performer, music education specialist, and jazz player.
The sound of this bass is lively and sophisticated. The overtones are over the top good. The G and D strings are robust and are a great balance to the large powerful A and E. The instrument is very responsive and draws a full tone without a great amount of bow pressure. The bass puts out even more sound the closer you get to the bridge to play. The sustain is remarkable with a beautiful quality of sound. I haven’t even got to pizzicato playing. If you’re looking for a jazz bass – WOW! This bass has a punch and drive that just jumps when you strike the string while plucking. In short, this bass is not tentative and is a satisfying instrument to play suited to many types of repertoire.

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