Andreas Amati, Mid-19th Century Beautiful Older German Violin


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Label Reads:

Andreas Amati fecit
Cremonae anno 1642

We are offering an older mid-19th century violin. The instrument is based on a Stainer model with exaggerated f holes and could have possibly been made in the Mittenwald area of Germany. The Mittenwald trademark, small workshops and excellent quality workmanship, is consistent with this instrument. The Italian-ese label is meant to throw us into thinking the instrument is of Italian origin and much older than it is. This violin is what I call a sleeper, no exact maker’s name or brand, just excellent mature craftsmanship. This fine work is also evident in its two-piece medium-width flamed maple back and its top of moderately even- grained spruce. The wood selection helps give this extremely playable violin its warmth and sustaining sound. The violin neck has been grafted and the instrument has been repaired and restored on the top and back plates where the restoration signs are slightly visible. We have meticulously gone over the instrument and cut new fittings, fingerboard, soundpost, tailpiece, bushed peg holes, and put on a new chinrest . We have kept the 70 to 80-year-old WM. Moening & Sons bridge, still in beautiful condition, with the instrument. The oil varnish is a dark amber brown on a golden orange/amber ground.

Corpus 359.0 mm., Major Width 197.0 mm., Minor Width 161.0 mm., Rib Height 30.5 mm

The sound on this violin is warm and inviting, not harsh at all. Much like the varnish, the tone is rich and somewhat shaded. I would also describe the texture as responsive with a little bit of focus. The treble strings lean a little to a brighter sound but still very pleasant and sweet. The instrument lays well and has a sound that is different not like that of a new powerhouse violin. It has a chocolate texture which is sweet, with some power, and overall pleasing to the ear. This is a gem for the player who is looking for an older European violin with a beautiful inviting sound at lower price.

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