André Conot Violin, á Lyon 1925



André Conot
á Lyon 1925 No. 18

I’ve always loved French instruments from the late 19th Century and early 20th Century. This maker, Conot was born in Mirecourt where the height of violin making in France centered around. He went on to work in Paris, also Nice and opened a shop in 1919 in Lyon. The condition is excellent with no structural issues to the plates or ribs. The scroll does have a very small chip out of it on the upper bass side of the scroll which we felt adds character to the instrument. This violin has had all eight peg holes bushed, new set of ebony pegs, new fingerboard, nut, post, bridge, tail and chin rest. The neck is slightly thinner and easy to get around.

The sound is robust, warm and clean. I would also use the word, smooth. The response comes quick on all four voices and I particularly like the lower strings in their tone and color. It seemed to play well with a light touch from the bow, also with an aggressive approach for drawing the sound out. This violin will be very reliable and will work well for a player at many levels. If you’re looking for a French violin to call your own l highly recommend this instrument. Sound for the price, a good match.

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