20th Century Markneukirchen Violin Stradivarius Model c. 1935


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The history of German violin making can be traced to the history of Germany itself. Germany’s economic and social decades, the influence of outside countries, violin guilds, demands for high standards, trade routes out of the country to the West, and the vast access to natural resources helped make this region of Germany, Markneukirchen, the hub of violin and bow making. Markneukirchen was also known as the “Deutsch-Cremona” (German Cremona), a phrase coined by famous maker Ludwig Glasel Jr. (1842-1931). Glasel, like many makers in that area, had a great sense of regional pride and a healthy spirit of self-confidence in the quality of what they made. They made good sounding instruments at affordable prices that they inherently knew would sell all around the world. This guild of makers followed through on what they dreamed! Our shop offers our customers a great selection of Markneukirchen instruments and bows. Each instrument is distinguished by its characteristic powerful strong sound quality and excellent German craftsmanship. Our violin, though not branded with an exact maker’s name, is from this famous region in Germany and is beautiful in every way. The condition is very good and there are no issues of note. There are a few small marks in the varnish and a bit of normal playing wear that adds to the instrument’s charm. The woods are beautiful and the varnish work classic in appearance. If you’re looking for a very good condition older violin under 3K it would be hard to do better than this violin.

Corpus 361.0 mm., Major Width 211.5 mm., Minor Width 170.0 mm., Rib Height 30.0 mm

The violin puts out sound and it is beautifully balanced. It resonates well and is neither overly dark nor bright in its tone. I am impressed by the bottom tonal core and the strength of both the treble and bass side. The bottom end is focused with a little growl and a player will feel the instrument pumping. The E and A strings ring with sweetness and don’t hold back. Because it has no specific maker’s name inside the violin, it sells for less money than a branded and known maker’s instrument. I call the instrument a sleeper. German craftsmanship, age, great condition, and most importantly a good sound. Perfect for a player looking for European quality with a little age.

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