Violin Bows

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    • K. Holtz Fiberglass Frog

      K. Holtz Fiberglass


      The K. Holtz bow is designed with the beginner's budgets and needs in mind. They are extremely durable, setup with real horse hair, and feature ebony frogs mounted in nickel silver and mother-of-pearl. The bows are wound with silver-plated wire and are equipped with a genuine leather grip.

    • JR Judd Carbon Fiber Black VN Bow Frog

      J.R. Judd Carbon Fiber


      A true carbon fiber bow at an affordable price. Made specifically for J.R. Judd Violins, these bows have features you expect to find on more expensive models: real horsehair, leather thumb grip, nickel silver mount and winding, and great strength and flexibility.
      Available in 1/2, 3/4, and 4/4 sizes.
      Choice of red/brown, purple, or black.

    • Fleur-de-lis Carbon Fiber Frog



      The Fleur-de-lis is a carbon fiber bow, mounted in bronze. The gold color contrasts beautifully with the rest of the bow. The frog, end screw and the winding are also done in the gold contrast. This bow comes with black horse hair.

    • JR Judd Carbon Fiber Grey/Black Weave VN Bow Frog

      J.R. Judd Braided Carbon Fiber


      These carbon fiber bows are made in two visible braided weaves. The traditional black/grey pattern and a blue/grey pattern. These bows offer more strength in the stick and nickel-silver mounts in the frog and in the winding. The balance and playability of these bows make them a great choice for a player.
      Available in gray/black or blue/black.

    • Eastman CADENZA Model 301 Frog

      Eastman CADENZA Model 301


      The Cadenza Model 301 is a cost-efficient carbon fiber bow designed to provide the student with a quality, durable, responsive bow. Nickel mounted with an ebony frog.

    • Eastman CADENZA* Model 302 Frog

      Eastman CADENZA* Model 302 – Carbon Fiber


      The Cadenza* Model 302 is mounted in nickel with an ebony frog. This bow features a unique woven titanium colored carbon fiber stick.

    • Georg Werner 1/2 Frog

      Georg Werner 1/2 Size


      Quality German 1/2 size violin bow made in the Dörfler workshop. Brazilwood species, round section. Fully-lined with nickel mounting. Mother of pearl eye. Three-piece button.
      Weight fully haired 53.0 grams.

    • JonPaul Matrix VN Bow Frog 59.1

      JonPaul Matrix


      The Matrix woven carbon fiber bow delivers a powerful feel and sound. Both beautifully crafted and rich in tone, this bow is another JonPaul success in carbon fiber design. This bow is a round-section woven carbon fiber stick with a nickel-silver mount, Parisian eye frog, and a three-piece button.

      Weight fully haired 59.1 grams.

    • JonPaul Fusion VN Frog

      JonPaul Fusion


      JonPaul Fusion bows give the look of a wooden bow with the performance and durability of a carbon fiber bow. This round section bow features a nickel-silver mount and a mother-of-pearl slide and Parisian eye.

      Weight fully haired 60.2 grams.

    • JonPaul Vibrant VN Bow Frog

      JonPaul Vibrant


      The JonPaul Vibrant line features carbon fiber and aluminum threads woven together to produce an extremely attractive bow that still performs like a pro. It is a deep red-purple color that really pops in bright lighting. These round section bows feature a nickel-silver mount, Parisian eye frog, and three piece button.

      Weight fully haired 60.0 grams.

    • Baroque Period Frog 1

      Baroque Period – Non-Branded Copy


      This 70.5 cm long copy of a baroque violin bow features a rosewood frog and endscrew. Baroque bows are different in construction and use. The modern violin bow contains an inward curve, or camber, in the middle to make it usable with the higher, hatchet-shaped head while the baroque bow will look straight or bent outwards under playing tension though it is still generally relaxed. The baroque violin bow is almost always made of strong, dense snakewood, and terminates in a lower, elegant “pike” or “swan-bill” head. The bow was roughly 58–63 cm long until about 1720, and was later called a “short bow” during the 18th century after the advent of “long bows,” which are 68–72 cm in length. The screw mechanism that is now used to change the hair tension first came about in 1747. Simply, this bow is fun to have. If you are playing Bach or Vivaldi, this copy of a baroque bow is a great find.

      We currently have three in the shop.

    • Eastman CADENZA** Model 304 Frog

      Eastman CADENZA** Model 304


      The Cadenza** Model 304 is mounted in nickel and has an ebony frog. This bow is wrapped with a pernambuco veneer for a real wood look.

    • S. Trindade ¾ Size Frog

      S. Trindade 3/4 Size


      Pernambuco species, round section.  Ebony frog mounted in nickel silver with mother-of-pearl eye, half lined.  Nickel silver button and imitation whale bone winding with genuine leather thumb grip.
      Weight fully haired 55.6 grams.

    • Luan Ruy ¾ Size Frog

      Luan Ruy 3/4 Size


      Pernambuco species, round section.  Ebony frog mounted in nickel silver with mother-of-pearl eye, half lined.  Nickel silver button and winding.
      Weight fully haired 55.5 grams.

    • CF Ribeiro ¾ Size Frog

      CF Ribeiro 3/4 Size


      Pernambuco specie, round section.  Ebony frog mounted in nickel silver with mother-of-pearl eye, half lined.  Nickel silver button and winding.
      Weight fully haired 54.4 grams.

    • CodaBow Prodigy - Carbon Fiber

      CodaBow Prodigy – Carbon Fiber


      The Prodigy features a graphite diamond weave and a blended Kevlar acoustic core. It is fitted in nickel silver with a “Xebony” frog and white mother of pearl slide.