William Lewis & Son – 3/4 Size Cello Bow ca. 1960


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William Lewis (1835-1902), bow maker from Germany, founded one of the largest violin houses in the United States in 1874. Originally, the business name was Lewis, Newell, and Gibbs, his partners when he first opened. Later the music store was renamed the Chicago Music Company. The name finally changed to William Lewis & Son when Frederick Lewis joined the firm. Bows were made in the Markneukirchen area of Germany and imported to America branded “WM. LEWIS & SON”. The 3/4 size pernambuco cello bow has the traditional brand and is in round section with nickel silver fittings. The fully lined frog is ebony with single mother-of-pearl eyes. This bow is great for the younger player for a player looking to perform with a pernambuco bow.

• Pernambuco specie, round in section
• 3/4 size cello bow
• Fully-lined
• Nickel silver mounted in an ebony frog
• German made, ca. 1960

Weight fully haired 72.8 grams.

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