W.R. Schuster, German Trade Cello Bow, Circa 1950’s


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Stamped on the player side:


Because of the huge boom in exportation of musical instruments from Germany from the second half of the 19th century up to WWII there was a natural need for bow makers. Bow makers opened workshops in and around the town of Markneukirchen and soon were regarded among the most important in Germany. The Schuster name came from a large family of bowmakers extending back many generations in Fleisson and Markneukirchen. Our bow was made by one of the long line of traditional bowmakers of the Schuster family.

Our pernambuco specie cello bow is octagonal in section and features sterling silver mounts. The bow has been meticulously gone over in our workshop and is in excellent condition. The ebony frog has a mother-of-pearl slide with some blue and green hue in its coloration. The single eyes in the frog are mother-of-pearl and the endscrew is three pieces, silver/ebony/silver. This is a good playing bow, firm in its strength and has a very comfortable balance and weight.

Weight fully haired 81.1 grams.

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