W.E. Dörfler Violin Bow Bubenreuth, Germany ca. 1955


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Branded: W.E. Dörfler

In 1930 Daniel Dörfler and his son Egidus Dörfler (1919-1981) founded the family workshop in a town near Schönbach, Czechoslovakia. After WW II, they were driven from their home in 1947 and settled temporarily in Mittenwald. In 1949 they moved to the newly formed violin making community in Bubenreuth, where the Dörfler workshop flourished and is still located today. Now in its third generation, the Dörfler shop is run by three Dörflers: Gunther, Wolfgang, and Gunther’s son, Roland Dörfler (b. 1968). The Dörfler shop has continued to employ up to 20 bow makers in their workshop and offer a wide spectrum of bows of different qualities. Our workshop bow is pernambuco specie, round in section and has brass fittings, a single mother-of -pearl eye frog, and a three-piece endscrew. I love the playability of the bow and the balance. The gram weight is right on and the quality of the German workmanship is evident. This bow could have easily been made into a sterling silver mounted bow while being made. We meticulously went over the entire stick and added a new tip, silver winding, and thumb grip. This is a gorgeous bow from the mid 1950’s and is beautifully crafted.

Weight fully haired 60.3 grams.