Vittore E. Giardinieri (Victor Gardener) 1990 Viola


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Bears the label:

Vittore E. Giardinieri
da Cavalese
fatto Anno 1990

Tonally, this viola has a cello-like quality. It is rich, robust, and complex in its tonal palette. Its maker, Victor Gardener, is a legend among American makers. Self-taught, he made his first violin at the age of 19 with tools he obtained from Sears Roebuck Co. in 1928. Mr. Gardener was known for using local woods that he cut and milled himself for his instruments. He made a total of 405 instruments before his death and they are known for their warmth and even timbre. Mr. Gardener was not just a skilled maker; he was very generous with his knowledge for those who wished to be a part of the business, teaching students how to find and cut the right trees and season the wood as well as instructing the making of the instruments. The player who possesses one of his instruments is lucky indeed.

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