S Finkel Suisse Violin Bow


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Siegfried Finkel (born 1927 – 2010) was born in Markneukirchen, Germany, a town renowned for its instrument and bow makers. He was a pupil of his father-in-law Paul Weidhaas, who was known for his masterful interpretation of French style bows. Siegfried moved to Brienz, Switzerland in 1952 and opened his own atelier. The Finkels are known for their bows, and Siegfried rightfully takes his place among the best of the family.
Fashioned from a lovely piece of pernambuco, this bow tastefully tapers from octagonal shape to the delicately shaped head. The sterling silver mount and ebony frog are accented by the mother-of-pearl slide and eyes, and the bow is finished with a three-piece silver and ebony adjuster with a mother-of-pearl inset.

Weight fully haired 62.9 grams.