Rudolph Dotschkail***


Master bow by Rudolph Dotschkail, Erlangen, Germany

Rudolph Dotschkail (1923-1996), R. Dotschkail*** branded over the frog. It is a beautiful example of a German handmade bow. Rudolph came from the Eglandgen region of the Czech Republic, and studied the art of bow making in Graslitz, Germany. During WWII he was driven into exile and in 1951 opened his own workshop in Eltersdorf, Germany which is near Erlangen.

The bow is of light-brown Pernambuco specie, round section, delicately carved head with mammoth tip. The bow has a very nice balance and playability, sterling silver fittings, Parisian-eye and abalone slide. Made around 1970.

Weight fully haired 61.0 grams.