P.R. LEBLANC Paesold Workshop circa 1960 Cello Bow


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Roderich Paesold established his workshop in Bad Brambach in 1924 after years of working in his father’s workshop. His main business focus was bows which he commissioned from the many local cottage workshops that were popular in those days. His greatest success came after World War II when he moved his business to Bubenreuth where his bow making shop employed up to 15 workers. Bows were produced at all price levels, including nice sticks made for the trade to be exported. Mr. Judd believes the LEBLANC series is an example of these trade bows. This pernambuco stick is octagonal-section and fully mounted in sterling silver. The ebony frog is accented with mother-of-pearl for the slide and Parisian eyes, and a leather thumb grip and three-piece silver and ebony adjuster finish the bow. On this bow the maker’s stamp is on the audience side rather than the player’s side.

Weight fully haired 76.5 grams.

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