Richard Otto Gläesel – TUBBS Sterling Silver Violin Bow, circa 1910-1915 – SOLD MAY 14, 2024 –


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Amongst the many English makers, with little debate the greatest of these was James Tubbs (1835-1921). Great bows lead many makers wanting to make copies of other maker’s bows. Richard Otto Gläesel (1885–1931) was a very highly sought-after German maker from Markneukirchen and one who specialized in handmade replicas of leading makers. Gläesel’s French influence on his craft is noticeable as he apprenticed with Claude Thomassin in Paris before going back to Germany before World War 1. Our bow is one such bow with the TUBBS brand on the players side and the Otto Gläesel-Tubbs brand hidden under the sterling silver winding. Before 1890 only a few makers who moved to bigger cities would brand their personal name visibly on the bow. There were exceptions but those are limited in number. The Markneukirchen area was strongly dependent on the major instrument dealers in the bigger cities of Germany and major violin shops in other European cities. These dealers and wholesalers of bows were not interested in the names of their suppliers becoming public, fearing the possibility of direct distribution.

This is an excellent playing bow! Pernambuco specie, round in section, sterling mounts in ebony with a sterling silver winding. The silver work is outstanding and the stick itself is firm. The head is in perfect condition. The bow is beautifully balanced and is ready to start creating music again.

Weight fully haired 60.1 grams.