Old German Violin, Stradivarius Model Circa 1960


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Label Reads:

Reproduction of #32464
Antonius Stradivarius
1727 G.A. Pfretzschner

This is a German violin with age, circa 1960, in very good condition. The violin is a trade instrument made for the American market. The instrument has all ebony fittings and the curl in the maple back plate and ribs are present and nice looking. We have completed an entirely new set up for the violin. This means we have cut a new bridge and sound post, new set of pegs, chin rest, tail piece, end button, and strings. The strings are Thomastik Dominants for the A, D, and G with a Pirastro Wondertone Gold Label E. A professional set of strings. The spruce top is of medium-width grain and the instrument has no issues at all. This would make a perfect instrument for a first or second year player.
The violin has a good response on all of the strings. The instrument puts out power and I very much like the D and G strings. Great sound for the price.

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