NuBow – Bamboo Violin Bow Designed & Created by Master Bowmaker Rodney Mohr


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On a positive note, because of the COVID epidemic around the world and in our country, many craftsmen had time to develop projects, explore creative ideas, and develop solutions that would never have taken place because of the business of meeting customer needs during normal business life. Being shut down for 8-12 weeks and then musical public performances and performances in general all but ceased gave myself and others time to do things we only dream about building and restoring. Rodney Mohr is one of these master builders of fine bows for the orchestral strings that has many ideas and dreams of creating. Out of that down time Rodney developed and designed violin bows from one of nature’s most renewable resources, bamboo. The Nubow, now patented, meets performance demands while intentionally created for sustainability. The strength, gram weight, and durability of the NuBow, along with its exceptional playing qualities, contribute to the bow’s responsiveness. The NuBow has playing characteristics that are remarkably consistent to that of a traditional pernambuco specie bow. The frog and button material are made from a product that is durable and scratch resistant called Sonowood® by Swiss Wood Solutions, AG. The bow is mounted in sterling silver and the frog is accented in glistening Caribbean Opal- a simulated man-made mother-of-pearl which is exceptionally durable. The bow is a knockout.
Rodney is also experimenting with a mixture of bamboo and other sustainable woods laminated together. Functional strength, beauty, and always playability are constantly the maker’s goals. Because let’s face it, if it doesn’t play well and make your instrument sound fantastic, it will not be sought after. These new bows are something to look forward to and adding to your bow collection. You may have to also start saving for a new case that holds four bows.

Weight fully haired 61.0 grams

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