Louis Lowendall, Workshop, Early 20th Century – SOLD 10/20/2020


Louis Lowendall fecit Dresdæ anno 1886
“DRESDEN” (to the back under the tongue)

This lovely 20th century violin comes from the firm of Louis Lowendall, Dresden, Germany. It is constructed of excellent woods, particularly the striking one-piece slab cut maple back. The ribs match the back pate in degree of flame and the top plate is of two-piece spruce fine grain progressing towards wide grain at the flank. We have completed the violin in all ebony fittings which brings out the supple blonde varnish and pleasing proportions and adds to the instruments overall charm. The corpus length of the violin is 3.0 mm long, thus the slightly larger size body helps give this instrument some extra tonal strength.
Tonally, the instrument boasts of a woody, round, rich tone. The sound is clear and projects well. In short, the violin has power. Mr. Judd leans towards the word gutsy. This instrument will produce in a concert hall or in a fiddle jam making this European violin a fine addition to any collection.

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