Louis D’Agostino 1917 Violin


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Label reads:

Made by
Louis D'Agostino
1917 Detroit Mich.

We are charmed by this violin made by Italian-born luthier, Louis D’Agostino. Mr. D’Agostino left his native Tufalo, Italy for the United States in the late 1890s and worked in Detroit and New York.

This example is quite idiosyncratic. It is conceptually freewheeling while exhibiting great conviction in execution. The instrument features a slender yet slightly long pattern, closely set F holes and short corners. The varnish bears a good bit of honest wear revealing several layers of color.

The result of these wonderful quirks and peccadilloes is a marvelous sounding violin. Its sound can be described as gutsy and powerful and is its greatest attribute. This unconventional and slightly audacious approach has yielded a wonderful and versatile instrument.

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