Ling Zhenhua – 1743 Replica Guarneri Violin made in 2023 – SOLD MARCH 12, 2024 –


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Ling has won violin making competitions in North America, and Asia. In 1984 Ling landed a job as an electrical engineer in Shenzhen in southern China. Its proximity to Hong Kong helped get Ling into violin making. Ling wanted to be a famous violinist but was urged to go into violin making rather than play them. He spent 10 years playing and honing his making skills before returning to his home of Shanghai, where in 1995 he set up his own workshop. His focus has been and remains making replicas of fine Italian violins. He studied Italian varnish from fragments and broken instruments from Europe, the only things he could afford from the European auction houses. He would then take them back to his workshop to meticulously study the traits and ingredients that he could discover. His instruments have been purchased by major players in many orchestras.

The craftsmanship is outstanding in this copy of the 1743 Giuseppe del Gesu Guarneri. Ling’s wood selection and the drying process is very important. He spent much time researching and traveling to Italy, even having huge logs cut and dried in Italy before having them transported back to Shanghai. The spruce top on this instrument is of straight and even grain that slightly broadens at the flanks. The two-piece maple back jumps in its degree flame. The flame consists of small to medium width. The ribs are elegant, and the neck and scroll jump in relationship of the maple flame. The varnish work is beautiful, and the fittings are all carved in rosewood. The violin looks as good as it sounds.

• Corpus 355.5 mm.
• Major Width 207.0 mm.
• Minor Width 166.0 mm.
• Rib Height 30.0 – 29.0 mm. taper at the neck.

The sound is of exquisite quality and carrying power. The bottom has a slight edge to the strength of the violin that blows me away. This is a total WOW! The overtones are fantastic, and the responsiveness of the instrument is over the top nice. This violin rings clear, in no way harsh or strident. The treble side is sweet and smooth while retaining the presence and power. The instrument lays well and is easy to play. I love the depth and maturity of the sound. This is a professional violin with choice woods, impeccable construction, and what a sound. The violin is awaiting a serious player.

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