Léon Jolly French Trade Violin Bow Mirecourt circa 1935


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LÉON JOLLY- inverted player side
FRANCE- on the butt of the bow

We have a very nice French violin bow made for the trade branded Léon Jolly. A Mirecourt, France bow; Mirecourt, being the town to which apprentices flocked to perfect their craft and aligned themselves to a famous violin or bow making firm. Many working from sunup until sundown, just like farm hand hours. In Mirecourt’s heyday, the 1800’s–1920, one could find some violin shops with 1,000 apprentices and journeymen. The output of instruments and bows was high all at various grades of craftsmanship. Our bow is in pernambuco specie, round in section, with a fully-lined single mother-of-pearl eye frog. The bow has tinsel silver winding and a new leather thumb grip to help keep the gram weight down. The endscrew is a solid cap and the bow is in good condition. Nice player – a great bread and butter violin bow.

Weight fully haired 62.1 grams.