Joseph Guarnerius, Markneukirchen Higher Level Trade Violin, Circa 1910


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Bears the Label:

Joseph Guarnerius fecit
Cremonae anno 1734
Made in Germany

We have a German trade violin with quality tonewoods and flamed maple. This violin was made in a small shop to be sold to Western markets like the U.S. The luthier was a gifted carver and had an eye for woods that jump. The violin was made in the area in and around the region of Saxony, in Markneukirchen, a small city near the Czech Republic border, which was known for centuries for producing high quality musical instruments. This violin is what I call a “sleeper;” no know maker, but that has no bearing on the quality of the instrument and its sound. This instrument has some patina and detailed antiquing in a honey/brown oil varnish. The violin corners are excellent, there is strong, graceful arching in the plates, and an artistically carved scroll. We have completely gone over the instrument here in our workshop, creating an entirely new set up for the violin. Pegs, new ebony fingerboard, new nut, bridge, and soundpost. In short, the violin is in superb condition, and I love the stunning two-piece maple back.

Corpus 356.0 mm., Major Width 207.0mm., Minor Width 168.0mm., Rib Height 30.0 -31.0 mm.

The sound will capture you on the bottom end. The bottom end is powerful, the G and D string have a rich sound and each string resonates at the slightest touch of the bow. The bottom is outstanding and helps set this violin apart from the average trade instrument. The E and A also respond well and have noticeable strength. The sustain allows the E and A to ring with clarity well into the higher positions. This will make a fine violin for the player looking to move up in quality to a European instrument that has character, age, and a more mature sound.

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