Josef Bitterer- Workshop Violin, circa 1960


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This Bitterer instrument is well made in a Guarnerius pattern. Josef Bitterer had a long career in instrument making beginning in Schönbach, Czechoslovakia, a town known for its violin makers up until World War II. In 1946 Josef made his way out of the distressed areas of Germany and settled on the town of Mittenwald. This violin is a workshop instrument made when his firm started making instruments for the trade to be sold commercially. The violin is in excellent condition with ample figure on the back plate, neck, and scroll. The woods used on this instrument are a few steps above a standard commercial violin. We have completed our traditional new set up on the violin; pegs, post, bridge, tailpiece, button, and chin rest with some varnish touch-up work
The violin sound is surprising for the price point. The instrument is even in all of the voicing. The bottom end resonates and give a nice rich sound. The response is good off the string and the treble strings lean to the brighter side. The sound is still pleasant and easy on the ears. The Bitterer is in excellent condition, good sound, and is an easy player. The violin is perfect for the player getting a little more serious about their instrument and playing level.

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