Jean Striebig French Violin 1938


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Jean Striebig, Maitre – Luthier
No 156     1938

Jean Striebig was a French master violin maker who was a student of Leon Mougenot. He established himself as an independent maker in Mirecourt in 1935. He made his own individual models as well as copies of standard Strads and Guarneri’s. Mirecourt was the center of famous French violin and bow makers from the 1730’s on.
Striebig lived from 1920-1981, and this violin patterned on his own model bears the original label and markings, no. 156 being made in 1938. The instrument has an elegant scroll and strong arching in both the top and back plate. The spruce grain is beautiful, consistent, and straight. The oil varnish is a light transparent orange-brown all on an amber ground. The varnish helps define and contrast the deep curl found in the one-piece maple back, neck, scroll and ribs. There are a few minor flaws in the varnish on the top plate. The playing wear on the violin’s top plate adds to the patina on an otherwise gorgeous French violin in very good to excellent condition. We have meticulously gone over the violin in our workshop and there are no structural issues.

Corpus 358.0 mm., Major Width 209.0 mm., Minor Width 169.0 mm., Rib Height 29.5-30.0 mm.

The sound is powerful and beautifully resonant. Another WOW! in my book. The tone leans to the darker side and the instrument rings with clarity and a quick response. The core sound is simply stunning, like a singing voice that is thick and gutsy and lush. A pleasure to play, the violin lays well, is easy to play, and the serious player will fall in love with the overall strength. The instrument is accompanied with a certificate from Ames Anciennes Fine Violins in Bellevue, France.

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