Jean-Baptiste Vuillaume Cello Picture Bow


Visible through the player side we offer a modern cello bow with a traditional picture of J.B. Vuillaume (1798-1875). He was a gifted violin maker and a highly skilled business man in the violin trade. Vuillaume came to Paris in 1818 from the little town of Mirecourt, France not as a bowmaker but as a skilled journeyman in the art of making. He went on to establish a large violin shop hiring the best violin makers and bow makers of his day, many from his contacts in Mirecourt. Vuillaume never made a bow, however working with many of his bow makers in his shop he defined the modern bow as we know it today.
Our cello bow is not branded or stamped with a maker’s name. It is of pernambuco specie, octagonal section, sterling silver mounted in an ebony frog. The bow balances in the lower third towards the frog.

Weight fully haired 78.0 grams.

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