J. Didelot, Mirecourt – Circa 1925 – Beautiful French Violin


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J Didelot
Lutherie Lorraine

We have a beautiful French violin by luthier J. Didelot which was made about one hundred years ago in Mirecourt, France, which is famous for its violin makers. This town is east of Paris and was the hub for over two centuries where violin makers congregated, and young apprentices started the journey in the violin making and bow making work. The woods selected for this instrument are better than nice, and the curl in the neck jumps. The violin features a Strad arch and blackened chamfers around the scroll, typical for the French style. The low Strad arch helps to give the instrument ample power. The violin has been gone over in our workshops and we have cut all new fittings in African ebony. We have also cut a Despiau French grade B blank that is at least a 200-year-old piece of wood fitted for the bridge.

Corpus 352.0mm., Major Width 204.5 mm., Minor Width 165.0 mm., Rib Height 30.0 mm.

The violin has a full vibrant sound, a Wow! in my book. The bottom end is rich and mature and not lacking in volume. The E and A strings are sweet and respond very well even up in higher positions. The violin has a quick response off the strings and both the bass and the treble side will not disappoint. This instrument lays well in that it is easy to play, probably due to slightly smaller corpus length that helps set this instrument apart. A fantastic sounding violin with a slightly smaller body.

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