Heinz Dolling Cello Bow ca. 1952


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A beautiful dark chocolate pernambuco Heinz Dolling cello bow. This hand-made bow is a tremendous playing stick. Heinz Dolling was the son of Otto Dolling (1878-1966) a famous bow maker in his own right where Heinz (1913-2001) learned the craft of bow making. The Dolling’s are a Markneukirchen family and Heinz’s shop was later set up in Wernitzgrun, only a few miles outside of the town and about 1 mile from Erlbach, Germany. This shop has always been where Heinz’s son Bernd Dolling worked, born in 1942. His son Michael also works there, born in 1968. Heinz Dolling’s bow do not contain asterisks. In 1998 the Dolling bow making family celebrated their 100-year jubilee of bow making. The three living Dolling bow makers, Heinz, his son Bernd, and grandson Michael Dolling who is the 4th generation to carry on the family tradition. There is another Dolling family of bow makers with the same names of Otto and Kurt. The two families are not related.
The cello bow is in excellent condition with some very fine 1/32nd pernambuco pins in a few of the flats. In Mr. Judd’s opinion the pins where done by Heinz Dolling himself as the bow was being made.
The bow is in octagonal section, pernambuco specie, sterling silver mount, Parisian eye ebony frog with a three-piece endscrew

Weight fully haired 82.9 grams.

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