H.R. Pfretzschner Workshop Cello Bow Sterling Silver circa 1960


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H.R. PFRETZSCHNER on player side
GERMANY – bottom flat of stick
Logo/Crest on player side of the frog

The Germans had great wood! Bows are always about the wood. The nineteenth and early twentieth centuries were truly the golden age of Markneukirchen bow making. The area’s status as a trading hub gave German bow makers unique access to Brazilian pernambuco wood. Markneukirchen, economically, also responded to growing industrialization by further specialization, a boon to the already specialized bow makers. This successful pivot turned Markneukirchen into the number one supplier for the world’s string instruments and bows. The Pfretzschner family made impeccably hand-crafted bows at a competitive price. What I love about the firm and the family is that they brought many young people into the business to apprentice and train in the art. The family and owners had a heart for teaching, an awesome and blessed business model, and, oh yeah, were fine makers. Our bow is clearly a Pfretzschner workshop bow made for the commercial trade and imported into our country back in the 1960’s. The wood is flawless in octagonal section, and the Parisian eye frog is mounted in sterling silver, while the coat of arms stamp is positioned adjacent to the eyes. The mother-of-pearl slide is gorgeous: goldfish white and pink colors with a center of green and blue hues. The rounded frog is traditional and solid in the hand. This is a good playing stick of pernambuco specie that is orange/ brown in color. The silver end screw button is three pieces, silver/ebony/silver, and the bow is in good condition.

Weight fully haired 83.0 grams.

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