Gorgeous Old Dresden Violin circa 1920 – Fantastic Sound!


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This Dresden area Strad pattern has been well-loved and well-maintained through the years, as evidenced by its wear and natural playing patina. The violin was made prior to World War I in Germany to be sold to the West. It is a high-end gorgeous wood choice instrument made in a fine shop. The war economically ruined the city of Dresden and surrounding areas after 1920. Instrument makers could not sell many of their wares to the West. No one would buy anything with a German name found on the item. This issue caused many instruments to appear with nondescript Strad or Guarneri labels and places of origin that had no connection to Germany. I believe our violin is one of those such instruments. This label was placed in the instrument just to get the item sold. The construction is high in quality and the oil varnish is hand drawn. The patina for the age is right on and the color is a light amber/orange/brown on a golden base. The woods are some of best I’ve ever seen. Yup, simply over the top gorgeous. We have completely gone over the entire instrument in our workshop and have added a new ebony finger board, new set of pegs, and cut a new soundpost and Despiau bridge. The violin is in very good condition. This is a Wow violin for a player looking for fantastic workmanship and great sound.

Corpus length 357.0 mm, Major Width 205.0 mm, Minor Width, 168.5 mm, Rib Height 30.0 mm

The sound is responsive even when light to the touch with a bow. The violin has ample strength, lacking nothing tonally. It is well balanced on all four strings. It has a large, rich, warm bottom end and a sophisticated treble voice. I can’t say enough about the bottom end. This violin will make a player sit up and take notice of the instrument. The treble side is awesome too. It does not hold back!!! The E & A are beautiful and sweet. The tone is smooth and it’s easy to play. It lays well and is comfortable in the hand. This visually stunning violin is perfect for the player looking for fine German craftsmanship – with no known maker and with a sound usually found with higher prices. This violin could be the perfect fit for a player going to conservatory and getting serious about their instrument.

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