Gorgeous 7/8 Size Markneukirchen Violin, circa 1920


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We have a non-labeled well-made Stradivarius model 7/8th size violin from Markneukirchen, Germany. It is puzzling that the maker poured a great deal of time and craftsmanship into this violin without ever placing his or her name or the firm’s name inside the instrument. Many of these Markneukirchen shops had high levels of quality and standards to adhere to. This is one of those instruments. This violin comes from one of the most famous German violin making areas which produced an amount of bowed string instruments that was measured by the tonnage being shipped out on the rail lines. If you aspired to be a violin maker in Germany, you would have spent many years there learning your craft. The economics of Markneukirchen centered around instrument and bow making and grew stronger beginning in the late 1700’s. Its geography in the high mountain region helped the area survive two World Wars and was an area blessed with an unbelievable wood source. I date our violin from the beginning of the 20th century. The instrument was made by a very seasoned maker and the workmanship in the fluted sound holes, cut scroll, and plates is spot on exceptional. The wood choice is way above average, and the violin has a beautiful amber/orange/brown varnish with a few darker shaded areas on the ribs and the plates. The varnish work was done by brush, has classic patina and natural wear all encompassed in a gorgeous classic look. The two-piece flamed maple back and matching ribs, neck, and scroll were selected by a pro to make this instrument. It is a Wow! for a 7/8th size violin. We have meticulously gone over the entire violin here in our workshop and it ready for the showroom. The instrument is truly beautiful and matches the beauty in sound as well and has no issues.

Corpus 351.0 mm., Major Width 199.0 mm., Minor Width 160.0 mm., Rib Height 29.0 mm.

The sound is over-the-top nice. It is somewhat meaty with a gutsy mature bottom end. The G and D strings are rich and full sounding, exhibiting great sustain for a smaller violin. I love the bottom end – Wow. This is something I’d expect from a great Markneukirchen violin. The Stradivarius arching helps the violin produce power throughout all four of the voices. The treble strings have the same focused power that will not disappoint. The clarity of the violin is way above average. The violin simply speaks, and a good player will draw a lush and mature sound out of the instrument. A European gem perfect for the serious player needing a fine violin in smaller stature. This violin will not last long in our showroom.

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